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Trapped in the (under)belly of the beast.

Applespiel perform ‘Awful Literature is Still Literature I Guess’ at the 2012 Underbelly Arts Festival, Cockatoo Island.

Artslab Work-In-Progress showing happened, chewed me up, sucked me dry, and spat me out onto Cockatoo Island to work with Applespiel on a little piece about disappointing books. We’ve debriefed the first phase of Artslab as a whole but I haven’t yet done a personal purge of the little piece i created – there’s still audience feedback folded up in a little corner of a shelf in my room. I’ll look at it later. When I have headspace for it. Because the next two months is JUST my uni prac (proper adult times, eek! I have a bedtime and everything so I can get through the day. Fingers crossed I don’t become a coffee drinker again to feel perky) and Machine Atlas, which I am involved in as a performer in my own little medical stall.

After Machine Atlas comes more uni prac, a residency at Bundanon Artist Trust, the beginning of the third phase of Artslab and therefore a revisiting of my birthday piece – which I will then be taking (in parts, with bits attached, or maybe just something that is inspired by it) to This is Not Art (TiNA) in Newcastle to perform as part of the Crack Theatre Festival. Then it’s straight onto a secret (for now) festival in Sydney and then off to Adelaide for a few days for the Festival of Unpopular Culture and then hopefully to Melbourne to see Back to Back, Hedda Gabler and a dance piece at the Melbourne Festival and then whoosh! back to Carlton to tech, dress, and finally perform this birthday project to an audience of peers, mentors, family, friends, critics and strangers.

I’m learning, slowly, to only keep so many things in my head at one time. I can have them there on my calendar – all bajillion of them, overlapping and with big red THIS THING IS DUE NOW GO GO GO!! written all over them, that’s fine. But in my head, I can only really think 2 projects ahead of myself. Any more and I hit overdrive and slowly but surely melt into a twitchy rat of anxiety, drooling chocolatey saliva and watching the musical Cats on repeat.

So there. For now, it’s uni prac and Machine Atlas. Once Machine Atlas is complete (i’m excited to hopefully get a Machine Atlas hoodie) I have room in my head to think about the next thing. Then the next. etc.

Bed time! So many young minds to shape tomorrow…

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