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Making a Band, Opera, Underbelly Arts, and Artslab.

Image by Matthew Aberline from La Boheme: Bohemian Deconstruction for Polyopera


One project over (for now), others still going. Applespiel Make a Band and Take On the Recording Industry had a showing last Tuesday (7th) at Carriageworks, and it went really well. Lots of constructive feedback, and hopes that the project will find a life in a full season next year after our September development in Bundanon. Thank you to Performance Space for all your support – you have been incredible.

Polyopera’s first event, La Boheme:Bohemian Deconstruction went off last night at CuriousWorks in Surry Hills. The crowd was large, lovely and made us all very excited for the next two stages of the Opera project – Don Giovanni, Remixed (at Blacktown Arts Centre) and Lakme: Parramatta Imaginings (at Parramatta Park). For information on how you can be involved, check us out on facebook, twitter and our website.

The next Applespiel project gets underway soon at Underbelly Arts on Cockatoo Island. The full program is launching this afternoon with plenty of opportunities to visit the island and see the works-in-progress before the festival on Saturday 16th July. Excitement!

2 more exams and 2 more assessments to go and uni is almost over – my ten week teaching prac starts at the end of July and I have all fingers and toes crossed for the smoothest ride possible.

Artslab. Creating a solo work means spending a lot of time with yourself, slowly losing grasp of all reality and getting confused about what is actually important in both the long-and-short-run. Now that Make a Band and the first event of Polyopera is out of the way I have time to actually spend on grappling with the beast that is my birthday project. I’ve missed some Artslab sessions because of other projects and taking a breather has been beneficial (i think) in allowing my brain a break from thinking about cake and how to properly wrap a present. I’m working through some ideas that are leaning towards participation rather than performing as an ‘actor’. It’s strange that I see performance and participation as being on either end of a sliding scale – I know that they’re not really opposites. I’m going to concentrate on creating a space, then creating an atmosphere, then creating a mood, then trying to nudge that mood and that atmosphere this way and that. I also want to go back to some of my original thoughts about involving audience as instigators of action. This may involve confetti.

I hope to create something that is stimulating, personal, shared, and fun. Now I just have to trial and error things until I find it.

PS. for amusement, check out David Finnigan’s latest work ‘Functioning as a Maching that Hates U2’. It’s available on his website or through sneaky googling. (the text, that is). The radio-play version (in which Applespiel play ‘North Wind’) is soon to come. I totally feature as a person in this play! There’s a chapter named after me and everything. Mum, I’m famous now.




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