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DV8 Physical Theatre: To Swing & To Sway

DV8 Physical TheatreThe Cost of Living (2004)

What is it that you see when you watch this film foot-age? What is it that you hear? And feel? Or smell? And most importantly, what do you experience (and notice you experience) in and through your own body?

The power of sight – to look, see, perceive and observe – allow just one way of engaging with the phenomena our world has to offer. And yet, the presence of the body – our bodies – as breathing flesh of the world is often negated and left secondary to the senses. The riches and subtle qualities that our bodies have are innate. And innate in the way they are drawn and wired to this world in order to maginify even the slightest figment or fragment. This creates friction within our bodies, as unity is sought after, and so, to experience the phenomena of the world with the guidance of the senses – to see, smell, hear and taste – is a goal. It is the goal of the body, and should be the goal of our bodies too.

As Roland Bathes wrote,

“I see, I feel, hence I notice, I observe, and I think”.

Bibliography: Barthes, Roland. “Upon Leaving the Movie Theater.” In Apparatus Cinematographic Apparatus Selected Writings, by Theresa Hak Kyung Cha, 1-4. New York: Tanam Press New York, 1980.

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