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When your world begins to crumble, bake a pie

Art: A series of happy mistakes? That seems to be how my show is coming together!

The last weekend i had a bit of a moment. It came to my attention that a key effect i wanted to create was not possible. At the time i couldnt think of a solution and was very devastated. Since then, i looked at the footage i generated and realised, “Hey! It’s not what i want but it’s kinda cool” and voila! I created an amazing image! (A component of which is below)

This week has been all about getting my pieces and beggining to put them together. I have new original music, gotten an actor in and am in the process of organising shooting dates. I also taught myself to use adobe after effects and thats become quite a prominant feature in my show. It’s tricky territory because im trying to lay things down in the space but also trying to jam out some new material.

I had an interesting discussion with fellow artslabber, Alice. We are both doing solo shows and we were observing that after a long days worth of rehearsal, it’s very difficult to quantify any of the work that was created. That’s because we are not outside our pieces so we cannot see cant form of ‘product’. So working with my sound designer has been very interesting because he has very specific questions such as “What am i trying to communicate in the scene” and “Tell me how long the track needs to be”. These simple questions really make me think about the specifics of my scenes which has been a wonderful tool for re-approaching them with a new sense of clarity.

I wanted to leave you with something that i forgot i had. It’s something that didnt quite make it into the show. Enjoy!


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