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Lets hang out in the un-knowing

Dear James,

It’s too easy to say that I love you.

I have become so diluted in you. No one else has ever made me feel so whole. When you are away from me, even for just an hour, I just want to become a hermit, because nobody else is worth connecting to.

Who wants silver when you can have gold?

It is our special day tomorrow and you are out planning a surprise I’m sure of it! I am so excited but honestly, just seeing you walk into a room and knowing it’s me you’re looking for…that is all I need.

It hurts so much to think of you being anywhere but here. But if it didn’t hurt so much then it wouldn’t feel so good every time you come back. So for our anniversary, all I wish is that you always come back. Always…forever how long we are living. I don’t know how long that is, but lets hang out in the un-knowing!

Who needs ‘I love you’?

x Adam

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