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Zombies, Dirt, Happiness and Pop Stars

ZOMBIES“Be brave. Be patient. Find something beautiful.”

There is something really nice about not having to focus on the outcome of a piece. Being able to slip out of the ‘creator’ hat and into the ‘performer’ hat was really freeing. The process of creating this show (At the Drive In) took an immense amount of trust and faith and patience. You always hear of shows ‘coming together at the last minute’ and boy did it ever! Our first night with a real audience just happened to be the first time we ran the show with full tech and costume! The flaw to this was that I didn’t really feel ‘on top’ of the performance until closing night. Which in a way was nice because I identified that as a performer, I do need a bit more of a rehearsal period to feel settled BUT I am also very capable of throwing myself into the unknown- A nice realisation to bring back to my own show.

Preppy Zombie

“I feel like a tellytubby-y-y”

The trip to, and time in, Broken Hill will be memories that stay with me for as long as my mental health stays strong! Watching the landscape transform through city to suburban to country to far away country to desert was amazing. There is something in the act of isolating ones self from their natural habitat with the sole intention of creating art that I find extremely rewarding. It’s like all the troubles of everyday life have evaporated and all you have is your essence and all you want to do with that essence is pour it into something magnificent. And that is exactly what we did!

The Broken Hill version of the show was massively different and I am happy for that. We had a new cast and a new environment and a new audience and all of those things helped to reshape the new version of At the Drive in.

Being surrounded by a young cast was also very rejuvenating. I found that my own youthful energy was given a massive awakening and I bonded with everyone and will miss them all terribly. I have come back to Sydney riding on the momentum and excitement that I mustered up in Broken Hill (and a really annoying jingle courtesy of the Broken Hill boys) and cannot wait to see how my creating process will evolve.

Mildura sunset

HAPPINESS“Make it last”

I confess. This time working on a different show was supposed to be an opportunity for me to forget about my own work for a while but alas, I never stopped working on it. I have already identified what was working, what was not, points that interest me and points that don’t, I have a firmer idea on what the show could feel like and I even have gone so far as to have a skeleton of a plot! I have also got many many many images in my head that I cannot wait to get onto the rehearsal room floor!

One of the big things I am focussing on is allowing all of the moments in my piece enough time to resonate and ‘land’ with the audience. More specifically I am looking at my characters relationships with the characters in his world. And since I have been so delighted recently, I am starting off with the relationship with James.

For those of you who don’t know, my character (whose name is ADAM) is madly in love with a guy named JAMES. Like, sickly sweet in love. They are the ‘perfect’ couple. They are the ‘chick flick happy ending gay couple’. The show is called ‘Moments of Perfect’ and I am really having a blast finding all their little moments.

To help me get into the mood while on the rehearsal room floor, I decided to put together a playlist of songs that make people happy. It’s on YouTube, here is the link.

Please send me a message if you want songs added to the list. The more the merrier!

“Got a motel and built a fort out of sheets”

One song in particular has been known to get me dancing in my PJs in the middle of my kitchen. That song is called Teenage Dream by Katy Perry. It’s a blatantly romantic song and pretty much is the tone of the relationship for James and Adam. Also, there is a good chance a sheet fort will make it into my show.

Sheet fort of magical secrets


Now the reason I felt it was important to mention pop stars and music is because I realised that I have been limiting my creative flow by only looking to myself for stimulus. The simple act of bringing music to the room has allowed me to open up and be more adventurous. So I am actively looking outside myself now which is a silly thing not to have been doing in the first place!

That’s all I have to say for the moment, but I will be bringing more blogs (shorter I assure you) and more little tid-bits from the show.

Thanks for your loving


Responses (2)

  1. Shaz says:

    Ah…this reminded me how much I miss your mind!!! Teenage Dream has to be my favorite song of the moment, there’s so much I don’t want to let go off. 🙁

  2. TaTa says:

    nice aslam 🙂 miss you