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I still don’t have a title…

Over the next several weeks, I need to develop this play with a director, dramaturg and actors. Simple. Whether what I present will be a reading, a moved reading, a performance or a fruit bowl will be identified in a week or so.

In the past, I’ve tried to direct the play, achieving limited results. Months ago I directed a reading of a new draft, and the voices I heard in my head were exactly the same as the actors. This usually is a cause for celebration, but I didn’t like what I was hearing, and I didn’t have an objective hand to write with to make changes.

Also, the play exists in a number of incarnations, all, much to my own consternation, going nowhere. I only admitted to having these versions and drafts a few months to a friend. But this was progress, I thought, considering I’ve been “writing” it for two or three years, with over 200 pages (btw, it’s only a one-act play) and a bad performance art version to boot.

I see opportunity to develop my little play over the next several weeks. I’ll be able to refine the story, clarify the words and images, and hopefully with the aide of a creative team, finish it.

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