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A task I was given last night at the first ArtsLab meeting of the second development phase: write one love story that is true and one that I made up. Guess which is which!

First Love # 1

Thousands of little loves. Glance on the street. The butcher gave me a discount on a beautiful New York cut of steak because I gave him a smile and we talked. A whistle. A sigh. A thought. Nervous energy as I stood in the same place as him. A hug. A kiss on the cheek. A dance. A brief understanding. Flashes and flushes. We woke up with our arms around each other, facing inwards, morning breath and saliva dripping from our mouths. Legs intertwined. Then pushed away to get some air. A glass of water. A snore. Good morning. A departure. A sadness. New loves in the day. The bus driver let me on even though he was just about to drive off. A day in, a day out. Smiles, pleasantries. How was your day? Busy. Full of moments. Melting moments? No, silly. Love you. Do you? Yes, love you. The news. Dinner. Dreams and kisses. The End.

First Love # 2

I met him at the Officer’s Ball. I’d actually gone with another chap, you see, but his parents didn’t like me very much but in any case…I saw him from a distance leaning against the staircase. He looked very handsome. He was smoking a cigarette, it hung from the side of his mouth. I walked up to him and said ‘hello.’ He asked me to dance. We did. Then he walked me home and we said good night. The End.


Well? What do you think?

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