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Bits and pieces from the Industry showing

Here is my directors notes from the Industry Showing

Working Title: I can’t handle your stuff anymore

For the past two months since this year’s Artslab mentorship set sail,
I have spent most of my time mucking about with objects. Fortunately
this is what I have meant to be doing. My inquiry is into objects and
as such I have spent many hours staring at and playing with the little
things with whom we share our world; trying to understand them, to
find our relationship to them, to find their place in the world and in
doing so attempting to find ours. Throughout this process a couple of
characters have emerged to help ‘deal with’ the stuff. The first was
the clown whom I had hoped would emerge in my rehearsal room sooner
rather than later. The second character, David was more of a surprise
find- he is a man who has recently split with his partner and is
struggling to deal the stuff she left behind. Both characters have
provided opportunities to explore objects in very different ways; one
through fantasy and metaphor, the other through unknowing misuse that
provides a more obtuse take on how objects are perceived and utilized.
My hope is that each character, and indeed this showing, offer up some
playful and provocative ideas and provoke some questions about where
objects sit in our lives and what they can say about us.

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