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Epiphany moments and a great deal of food.

It is fair to say that my last blog painted me in a rather frazzled and dire state. It is fair to say that to the random blog reader, I may have appeared to be ‘stressing’. It is fair to say that all in all, it was not a very pleasant read.

At the time of posting, I was fuelled by fear. And let me be very clear, I was not afraid of an audience liking my piece, I was afraid that I DIDN’T LIKE THE PIECE.

Irrational? Perhaps.

I was upset also by the fact that my other labbers all had what I called ‘epiphany moments’. Moments where by stroke of magic their pieces fell together and became amazing.

Where the heck was my moment!?!?

Why the heck didn’t I like my work?!?!

It got to a level of frustration that I decided to sit outside the room I was creating and look inside. I sat there for at least 10minutes before someone asked me ‘What are you doing?’ I replied ‘I’m trying to figure out why I want to go in there’. Did I ever get an answer? Not entirely. But I learnt to let go and work with what I had in the space.

After letting that experience sit with me for a few days, I booked rehearsal space for an entire day and completely reworked my piece. Which involved adding a completely new scene and cutting back on existing material. From this session I created perhaps the two most powerful moments in my piece. (Dubbed: The heart & the bed)

FINALLY my epiphany moment! Late bloomer, typical.

Now that I liked my piece, I had, oh maybe a day, to prepare it for the industry showing. Sorting out the tech, running it, drilling it, tweaking it. It was an intense time. I believe that on the day of the showing I worked without break from about 10am to 10pm. And I had only eaten a small bowl of rice! (Which isn’t so bad since I am shirtless in a scene and I didn’t have to worry about feeling bloated)

The industry performance wasn’t without error. All of my projections decided to have the windows media player bar on them. Something that never happened in the rehearsal.

Best acting advice ever, listen and respond. So that’s what I did, I laughed it off. It was a beautiful human error, and my piece is all about a human and his errors. So in a sense it fit.

Feedback was fantastic as well, in fact, response to my piece was brilliant. A few technical things will need sorting, but in terms of style and content, it appears I was very articulate. This pleases me to no end!

I think that it is important to reward ones self after doing some hard work. And what I love the most next to art and life is food! So I took three dips home, three types of dip, a great deal of strawberries and a bit of tea. Yum!

To wrap this up, I will leave you with some of my favourite comments from the audience. . . later days bloggers x

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The emotional isolation and physical rawness leading to self destruction and neediness was expressed beautifully through the harsh materials  …

Stark, sincere, fluid. Found it caught my attention and kept it. There was passion in the performance. The use of media was excellent and the use of the bed was very skilled.

Haunting and lonely. What happened for me was an experience of fear and shame.

The moment with the bare mattress bed and him struggle really built well and it reminded me of a helpless, distressed bird trying to get out of its cage.

Responses (3)

  1. J. Higgins says:

    Glad to hear it went so well 🙂

  2. Rara says:

    do you have a copy of your performance on disk? it would be awesome to see it.

    • Aslam Abdus-samad says:

      Unfortunately not at the moment. Im hoping that the final piece will be well recorded =)