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The art of talking to ones self

To allow yourself to be completely alone takes a great deal of courage and risk. When you are alone you have nothing to protect you from yourself.

I have lived by myself in a studio apartment for over a year. It was one medium sized room with two smaller rooms for a kitchen and toilet. After very long and exhausting days I would look forward to going home and taking respite from the world. My home is my kingdom and my room is my sanctuary.

But for a place that I revere as so important and serene, I have to say that was at times far from the truth.

It quickly became apparent to me that if I have no way to engage with things outside of myself (Books, movies, other people etc) then I would have no choice but to engage with myself. For you see, the mind cannot be silenced; even in meditation the mind continues to be engaged.

When I allowed myself to do so, all sorts of inner thinkings became surfaced. Any issue that I ever had, any situation that was unresolved all became the soundtrack of my empty unit. I found myself vocalising and even sometimes enacting events and thoughts that were incredibly painful.

My show is set in a room, a room where the character experiences these same phenomena. However, in this instance, the room is no refuge, and there is no option of leaving when the mood becomes a bit too heavy. In this room, his thoughts are not only vocalised, but they are summoned to life. The very walls transform to recreate the images of his mind. He is completely submersed in this world of his own creation and he is simply looking for a way out!

To allow yourself to be completely alone takes a great deal of courage and risk. To deliberately create this environment takes a great deal of skilled self-talking.

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  1. I really like this post.

    A part of being truly happy is being able to be alone and enjoy it. I actually like to be immersed in my thoughts, but perhaps being a writer gives it more meaning.

    Love it 🙂