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Work in Progress

Alongside Michael Piggot, the amazing Alex Harrison has been taking us through a 3 hour creative development session every Tuesday on walking. Yep, an artistic inquiry into walking. It has been one of the most exciting and uncomfortable experiences I have had yet. Basically, my creative instinct often seems the exact opposite of how we are asked to explore a particular notion, this can be somewhat catastrophic…. ahh emotionally, creatively. But as we all know there is something beautiful about being pushed to our limit and to find news ways to see things.

This development process has been one of the most influentional factors of the show’s delveopment over the last few weeks. I have made a conscious decision to move into the uncomfortable. This has produced some very interesting results and suprisingly most are positive.

Something which I have been paying significant attention to is the presence of patterns and rhythms in our everyday lives. There are several patterns and rhythms which running simultanesouly in our existences from rituals and habits to full time jobs. It is only when a pattern shifts, either consciously or unconscoiusly, that we become open to change. This change or gap, this empty space is neither positive or negative. This gap can be infinite. A tool for escapism and expression, a tool to help us move forward.

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