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An invitation to my room. . .


The show has taken a surprising and delightful turn for the better! Now, it will act as an invitation for you all to peer into my own personal room. Observe me in my extremely private and vulnerable space!

I want to know what sort of hidden things YOU do in your own room? Do you blast Britney Spears and dance like no tomorrow? Do you have a secret stash of sweets that you chow down on when your supposed to be dieting? Do you draw the faces of all the people you have ever slept with and stick them to your walls as constant reminders of all the shame you have brought upon yourself???

If your entire existance was weighted to only one room, how would you interact within that space? When i find out I will let you know!


I had a very violent and inexplainable reaction to a task this week. It was not particularly challenging (all we had to do was walk) but retospectively it has made me aware of a few things. One of the things is that i need to let go of my right/ wrong complext and begin to find the joy in exploring. I also need to know that my version of ‘nothing to present’ could be an audiences wealth of meaning. I need to let go of safety and be really scared and look for things i dont understand. By keeping it simple I think I will manage to make the process much more enjoyable and freeing.


The results of some of my exploring so far…

1. Trying to find the right wall ornaments for my room

2. A really amazing discovery that I hope to expand upon somehow


Responses (3)

  1. Sarah Emery says:

    Hey Aslam. Yeah – that’s such a cool idea with the face projections. I love how the two faces merge but don’t quite line up. Beautiful. Sarah x.

  2. Jimmy C says:

    That’s quite a discovery… what I noticed the most was that the eyes were the only feature of the physical body I could make out behind the projection – the impression was like a drama mask, that if you turned off the projector we would see a featureless face. Pretty creepy. If you’re looking for things that scare people, you’ve found one.

  3. stitchi says:

    nice room, ive walked past it a few times in the Shopfront building.
    the Projections are a great idea with all that white i love how the mouth lines up – so surreal!