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Looking Back on ArtsLab’09

Where am I now? Well I’m right here in front of the computer, creatively typing like a mad man and thinking about how to make a short film where a man dodges bullets and defeats an army of evil tin can robots that have taken over the world – If your wondering how will I make this world in my mind exist, It’s easy! It already exists in the world that surrounds me; my ongoing exploration into where the imagination meets reality is still in practise. I have found that the world that inspires me is the same world that I imagine and when there is that realisation and those two worlds collide they paint beautiful pictures full of intimacy, perspective and the way we connect and understand each other as human beings.

In my journey through ArtsLab I was able and encouraged to experiment and trial art practices and processes to find the way I work and how to translate my initial undefined images, memories, unclear theories and all the pure confuzzlement of a new idea into something that was concrete, defined and full of substance.

Artslab’09 pushed me to produce the work I had locked away inside.

Sam Dalley
(the slugabed progressions)

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