ArtsLab Shopfront's artists in residence

Three Thank Yous

Dave would like to thank TVH Gallery, Katy Green, Marni Lefebvre, Lara Kerestes, TJ Eckleberg, Nerida Woods, Saskia Vromans, Sarah Emery, Michael Pigott, Eddi Goodfellow, Bronwyn Turnbull, Victoria Hunt, Darren Green, Chris Ryan, the other ArtsLabbers Tim and Sam, his partner – Lloyd, his parents – Geoff and Barbara, as well as everyone who kept him going throughout the process

Sam would like to thank Emmy Alyssa Yiannopoulos, The ArtsLab Crew, The Surgical Sideshow, David Kirkpatrick, Casula Powerhouse, Figureight, Darren Green, Victoria Hunt, Andrew Galea, Eddi Goodfellow, Chris Ryan, Matthew Massaria, Alusine Sankoh, David Buckley, Clara Cheung, Bridie Moran, Tim Spencer, and the Shopfront Staff

Tim would like to thank the Shopfront team, Michael Pigott, Zoe Norton Lodge, Darren Green, Victoria Hunt, Kate Davis, Joeri Smet, Jono Gavin, Sam, Dave, Bridie, Clara and his friends and family for their unwavering support during this process.

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