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Three – Note from the Season Director


This season is the work of three amazingly talented emerging artists who have been in residence with the company over the last six months. These pieces were presented as works in progress in June and since then they have been torn apart, re-worked and put back together into their current form. What they exist as now are three unique performance pieces that reflect the creativity and passion of their creators.

Creating your own work is no easy task;  it can be a lonely and frustrating process when you have nothing to rely on except your own ideas and an empty rehearsal room. There is a huge gap between an idea and its realisation in performance. The gap is filled with long hours searching for the best possible way in which to articulate to someone else the shadowy forms that lurk at the back of your imagination. If there is one thing that ties these three works together it is that each one of these three artists have tried to find the most immediate form in which to present how they view the world around them and at the end of the day, this is what the creation of new work is about. My role in all of this has been to help the artists see the possibilities within their own ideas and I have found it constantly inspiring to be surrounded by such a wealth of creativity and talent. On behalf of the boys I just wanted to say thank you to all the performers, mentors, designers, crew and most of all the shopfront staff for their hard work and contribution in getting the season up and running. We see you as a vital part of the creative process and welcome any feedback that you may want to share on the three shows presented – If you are interested in sharing with the artists, feel free to drop them a line on the ArtsLab blog.

Michael Pigottt

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