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titles and spaces

A swift and possibly not-quite-all-the-way-thought-through decision on Tuesday night left me with a whole lot of questions, but excitingly enough, it came with a whole lot more possibilities that I am still reeling from slightly. My piece will not be performed in the theatre (gasp!). We will be exploring every nook and cranny of the Foyer of Shopfront, getting comfortable with the alleyways, squeezing ourselves into pot-plants, enjoying the sunshine (or the rain) coming through the skylight in the roof of that very transitory, very versatile space. We had a cracking session with legendary Chris Ryan and went through matters of space and design as well as asking questions around what we came away with at the showing of our work in June.
I have to admit that the two things I thought about the most were (content wise:) the connection between the personal and the archetypal and (production wise:) how we would negotiate audience and space.

In my opinion, experiences are what this life is all about. Stories are the knowledge that we share with each other in order to gain wisdom and bring the light of understanding to our own stories. But I think archetypes play their role too, in understanding our own roles within this lifetime and trying to figure out just where we fit in to this crazy world. I am certain there is a connection between our own, personal real life stories and these archetypal characters that appear in the myths and fairytales that are so familiar to us. There is understanding to be had here, my friends, juicy, fat, delicious understanding that is ripe for the picking.

How to negotiate audience and space in a more efficient way than in June? Well first off, it’s not the same space. Second, there’s quadruple the amount of people in the space. And third, we have a bit more time to play with this time round to establish the installation part of it. Oh! What’s in a name? Gallery was so named because of the structure of the space and the way the audience was encouraged to wander. My desire for the space design was for it to become more of an installation performance work, but I still wanted the audience to have a sense of some kind of narrative or at least of some kind of engagement with the performer. Now that I have five, it will be, I think, much easier to spread them throughout the space and still bring them together at points in the show for some kind of ensemble performance. I am very interested in exploring the possibilities of what an ensemble can do and, working with Viewpoints, I feel confident that we can come up with some pretty brilliant things. Stay tuned, first rehearsal’s on Saturday!!!

– David Buckley, ArtsLab 09

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  1. Sarah says:

    I hope Chris Ryan is chuffed with that quotable quote “A cracking session with the legendary Chris Ryan”….

    Every session with Chris is cracking!