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Shadows and Cardboard

a collection of images to inspire and reference for 2 puppetry scenes.


>the rough styles, ideas and the vibe of the swimming shadow puppets:

this scene is a small reference to a later scene in the piece that was included in the industry showing earlier this year at this point the Character has fallen and injured himself (perhaps unconcious) when the end image of the work plays out in Shadow Puppet form
Shadow puppet 03

Shadow puppet 01Shadow puppet 02

Shadow puppet 04


>Characters, vibe, design for cardboard puppets for VHS:

this will be for a filmed puppet scene that my Character begins watching in VHS on a lil TV screen the story involves a bear and pig who skip school to go in search of the land of milk and honey. The Character falls asleep to it this and wen he does he is connected to that world in the TV with those Characters and becomes apart of the landscape.

science of sleep

cardboard button eyescardboard band puppets

Character Bear and Pig gullivers-travels

Bear Character Ideas:

Character Bear01Character Bear02

Pig Character Ideas:

Character pig02Character pig01

— Sam

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