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New Space – Chalk mapping out

As many people have told me i constantly change topics in conversations, arguements and Telling stories – I just completely put myself off track constantly. its a particular problem i have (but sometimes is also a gift) that ive been wanting to also explore. so i walked into the space today to write down ideas and one thing that caught my attention that suited my theme of the ocean (that i wish to dive in) was the floor is so asthetically interesting! its mainly this strange blue but with splashes of red and other colours and shades with chips of cemment were the paint has peeled. i suddenly wanted to embrace that space and marry it with the idea of changing topics and a rambling thought process that gets distracted i started mapping out the story from the industry showing as a simplistic drawn diagram on paper then started calculating distances, times and ages with the idea of describing a situation and telling a story with strange calculations and characterisations on the floor with chalk.

chalk drawing ideas

New things elements of inspiration at the moment:

exploring an abnoxious and proudly insane delivery of dialogue im interested on adding some really interesting scenes where arguements turn to parties and where parties turn to a single person siting alone.

Boredoms – “Which dooyoo like”

and anything with the concept of being stranded: The Mighty Boosh: Milky Joe episode, E.T, Red Dwarf: Marooned episode

— Sam Dalley

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