ArtsLab Shopfront's artists in residence

New Direction

Interesting in the way Shopfront has organised the ArtsLab program, the myth that males cannot multitask takes spectacular form in my inability to focus on two projects at a time. It wasn’t until I found myself back in Sydney and all too quickly sliding into the swing of things that I felt able to fully focus back on my beloved ArtsLab work-in-progress. And despite seeing firsthand the frustration and stress that TJ had while directing, I have foolishly chosen to step outside my comfort zone of performing and decided to give directing a piece of work a shot. Ssccaaryy!

Relax, David, don’t panic… David… please stop screaming, you’re scaring the children… Ok, I think I’m ok. Not so unwise that I didn’t choose exceptional performers to work with me, and I believe these people to be my saving grace. Not only have I either worked with or seen the work of all these amazing people so I know how incredibly talented they are, but I believe them to also be intelligent, hardworking and beautifully intuitive individuals. It makes me muchly excited, my dear friends, I have to tell you!

Introducing, in no particular order, except for maybe alphabetical: Ashley Burgess, Laura Carolan, Lloyd Harvey, Brianna La Rance and Zana Cohen. Each a fantastic performer in their own right, and as each said yes, it made my heart sing that little bit more. Prepare to be dazzled, folks. Watch this space!

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