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Michael Mail

Receiving an email from Michael in Canadia made me feel like I was in Next Top Model getting our latest challenge. We love Michael Mail! *shrieks for 5 minutes* What Michael/Tyra wanted to know from us is what our ideas are and how we are going to use the next few weeks to realise them.

What I’m thinking at the moment is keeping the majority of the work I had for the showing as the opening section of the piece. I want to insert 2 new characters into this so their journey can be more fleshed out. Essentially the second half will be focusing on Nick and Alistair (as opposed to Stacey and Lewis) and will provide a few answers to explain what happened in the first section (not too much, you’re not getting out of it that easily). In terms of performance, i am very interested in creating a big shift from the set and staging for the first section. I think this will help maintain interest and create a nice shift in performance style. At this point I’m thinking of covering everything in a big ol’ white sheet so its just me on stage with the character names being projected onto me. Scary.

The next section will feature a few more characters most notably at this point:

* Jack – a seemingly nice boy who is dealing with something quite dark.
* Carmen – a vapid fashionista who is more vulnerable than you would expect.
* Scott – Nick’s best friend who doesn’t know how to help.
* Nick – Stacey’s flame
* Alistair – Secretly in love with Lewis

From the feedback session the question I feel that was most useful was about deciding who exactly the performer/narrator is. I think there are a lot of decisions to be made in this regard to create a clearer meaning in the performance, even if it is only for my benefit.

To be honest, I’m not hugely concerned if people aren’t sure what character is speaking when. That’s what I liked most about the showing – hearing how many different interpretations there were about what was going on. the second half breaks those signifiers down even more and it becomes very much about me and the audience. I think its important to not just do this for the sake of the exercise. It becomes about me/ the performer and the relationship with the audience and the characters are there just for the story. Or something. I haven’t fully thought about this.

In terms of bringing others on board, I have met with a musician Ben Carey who is going to design some sounds particularly for the second half. I would really like to talk to a set/lighting/costume designer as soon as possible.

In terms of scheduling, i want to have the script finished by the 25th of September. This will give me 3 and a bit weeks to figure out the performance of it, although this will obviously overlap with the scripting process quite a bit. I have attached the current draft of the script although its all over the place at the moment.

oh and – any ideas for a title? Someone told me ‘Wasted on the Young’ sounds like a Miranda Devine article and that’s all I think of now when I hear it. Sucks.

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