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One of the new characters in the second section of my piece is Alistair. We have heard about him before but this is the first time we meet him.

ALISTAIR: I remember when I first saw Lewis. He was standing in the doorway at the end of a corridor at a friend’s house dressed as James Bond. He was picking us up to take us to a costume party. Even as a teenage her had great style. None of the awkward indecision borne out of years of pimples and voice breakings. He came out of high school completely unscathed. I saw him there in the doorway with his curly blond hair and cheek bones that could cut glass. I fell for him big time. He didn’t have to speak, I knew exactly what his voice would sound like. And there I was standing at the bottom of the stairs dressed as a Ghostbuster with a cereal box strapped to my back.

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